What An Elements Massage Can Do For You

Elements Therapeutic Massage is a massage therapy company that is provided in multiple locations across the United States.  This chain is similar to Massage Envy in that it is a mini spa dedicated to giving each customer restorative attention through the art of massage.  Not all the states have Elements, but over half do including California, New York, Texas, Florida, Nevada, and Washington.

Elements is of the belief that a therapeutic massage is the best kind of massage anyone could receive.  The feel that their mission to give each customer a therapeutic experience is what sets them apart from other competitors such as Massage Envy. Their goal is to promote each individuals well being and health through relief of stress, pain, and tension.  They also suggest that each person comes in with a slight amount of knowledge of their bodies and can either determine what style of massage is best for them or at least consider the amount of pressure that is right for their bodies.

Elements is pretty comparable in price against other competitors. Their first massage is roughly around fifty dollars and stay under one-hundred dollars depending on what type of package or gift card you purchase.  They also have a month-to-month program that will save a client on every massage if they sign up and become regular members.

Although Elements is devoted to bringing balance to each individual, it is not quite as large as some of its competitors, so it is only delivering services to a small amount of the population.  In most states there are only one or two locations (if any) and in only a few states there are no more than seven (which is Texas, one of the largest states).  It is a franchise business, so there is potential for growth and popularity.

Even though there are not many locations spread across the nation, the reviews online expose Elements as a sanctuary of massage and relaxation.  It rates five stars on Boston’s CitySearch and four stars on Seattle’s Yelp. All the customers seemed to have excellent service from the minute they enter and speak with the friendly receptionist to the end of the massage where they leave feeling relaxed, rejuvenated, and comfortable with their experience.  These are important qualities to leave a spa with because if there is any discomfort it can easily deter a person from ever going anywhere and getting massaged.  The first time experience is crucial because letting go of control and putting your body in the hands of a total stranger is very difficult to do within the American society, so it is very impressive that Elements Therapeutic Massage is rated so high on many reviews.

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