The Top 5 Alternative Healing Therapies

There are many different ways of healing the body and mind through alternative therapies. Alternative healing means healing through a less common form of practice.  In the western society, the main way to heal any given issue is to treat the problem through western medicine which often involves hospitals, pain medication, routine doctor visits, surgeries, etc. However, there are alternative solutions that can either exclude entirely the western procedures or incorporate them as needed. For instance, in the Eastern cultures the way of healing is to discover and treat the root of the problem, because most likely whatever ailments are causing pain are usually the result of an issue entirely different.

There are different therapies of alternative practices that can heal the body, mind, and soul.  Some of the top five therapies are Aromatherapy massage, Acupuncture, Thai massage, massage that incorporates manipulating temperatures, and meditation.

Aromatherapy massages include activating and awakening the body through scent.  It uses specific oils that fill the room and encourage various emotional and physical responses depending on what the scent is. For instance, oils of lavender create a very calming environment and brings the receiver relaxation and restoration, while smells of lemongrass or mint can conjure much needed energy and revitalize the spirit.

Acupuncture is an ancient Chinese technique that focuses on finding the root of the problem through examining one’s “chi” or energy force.  Acupuncturists believe that if there is something wrong with the natural energy flow the body will pay the price through pain or illness.  They use a graph of the human body that shows meridians, or specific pressure points, throughout the body, that, when activated properly, can increase energy flow and help the body function more efficiently.  In acupuncture, the therapists activate these pressure points by manipulating extremely small needles into the skin.  This is supposed to encourage circulation, which releases tension in muscles or even major organs.

Thai Massage is an eastern technique used in Thailand and has become extremely popular throughout the western world. Thai massages are generally considered to be intense and often painful, but the results are outrageously positive. A Thai therapist uses not only their hands to massage, but they use their elbows, forearms, feet, knuckles, and sometimes knees to heal the body.  They can often be forceful and intrusive; working their way into parts of the body you would not expect to be touched in a massage, such as inside the ear.  Although this may sound uncomfortable, if you are able to relax and accept it, you will walk away feeling revitalized and loose.

Healing through Temperature is a more modern form of massage therapy that encourages muscle relaxation.  Often a therapist will use heated stones or towels to increase circulation and help the muscles loosen so they can work deep within the muscle.  In Hot Stone massage, small stones are placed along the spine, palms of the hands, and sometimes on the feet.  There are therapist that will also alternate between warm and chilled stones in order to give the muscles an ebb and flow so they do not become too loose or too stiff throughout the massage.

Meditation is a key form of alternative healing.  In the western society, people have too much stress, activities, and objects that distract them from taking time each day to just sit quietly and relax the brain.  Meditation is one of the most restorative activities and it is very hard for people to believe that it can actually help long term.  By quieting the mind, you can become capable of lowering blood pressure, relaxing muscles, focusing on your breath which increases circulation, and it helps your overall ability to focus on things later in the day. Often people with ailments or even emotional problems will meditate on the specific topic, using imagery to rid the body of the problem and bring in healing positivity.

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