Prenatal Massage Techniques

Prenatal massage has been used throughout the centuries as a means to both focus on the fetus as well as the mother in a safe and gentle manor.

Today, modern studies have shown that prenatal massage is extremely beneficial for the receiver and her over-all pregnancy. It is often considered a controversial topic to people who might not know the facts about a prenatal massage because it is well known that the woman’s body is constantly changing and her muscles and ligaments are stretching.

This idea of constant change in muscles and ligaments can create fear because manipulating muscles through massage might injure a pregnant body. It is best to receive a prenatal massage from someone who is not only a certified massage therapist, but someone who is certified to give prenatal massages.

Prenatal massage uses the Swedish technique because it addresses many issues that a pregnant body might come into contact with such as circulation issues or skeletal alignment pains due to hormone changes. Circulation problems can cause swelling of the joints, or edema, which makes it very uncomfortable during pregnancy. Gentle approaches of the Swedish massage pays attention to the soft tissues that gather and hold fluids in order to allow the stagnant fluids to flow easily through the body.

Prenatal massage also pays gentle attention to the other, smaller party involved- the baby. When a pregnant woman is receiving a prenatal massage, she is able to lay on her stomach because of the special padding provided, which is temporarily beneficial when laying positions become limited. The massage therapist also gently strokes the stomach of the pregnant woman, which not only encourages circulation but also relieves pressure within the abdomen that the baby often creates either against the ribs or bladder.

In my experience, I highly recommend receiving a prenatal massage when going through pregnancy. Besides for the physical benefits I discovered it was emotionally beneficial to just lay and relax, as well as appreciate and enjoy the attention to my growing and changing body.

Being able to lay on my stomach was also very emotionally and physically relieving because lying on my stomach is the most comfortable position for me, until I became pregnant. I also enjoyed the time spent on my stomach because the massage was soothing and helpful.

My massage therapist was able to gently move my baby off my bladder by delicately stroking around my stomach. I was not sure how much pressure or pushing I was able to do on my growing stomach, but after receiving a prenatal massage I learned I can effortlessly and comfortably move the baby when he or she is putting pressure on my body.

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