Why a Massage Can Bring Neck Pain Relief

There are a plethora of methods that can bring your neck relief from pain. Due to the fact that neck pain is a common occurrence in a majority of society, there are different reasons for the pain that might require various alternatives of healing.

The common reasons for neck pain include stress, poor posture, poor sleep as well as wrong pillow and mattress, and constant strain.  Stress is one of the highest factors in chronic neck pain.  Have you ever heard “I hold a lot of tension in my shoulders?” Well most people in the western world can attribute neck pain to the common stresses of everyday life including stress related to money, schedules, family, etc.  There is so much we put on our life’s plates that it is difficult to find the time to regularly get that “stress off the shoulders” so it constantly builds until it becomes chronic pain.  Poor posture can also put a lot of strain on the back and neck.  Most people in the work force are subjected to sitting at a desk staring at a computer for the majority of hours they are awake every day. This can hurt your neck, eyes, back and wrists especially if it is the daily routine.  Another huge issue related to neck pain is sleep.  It is ironic that the most restorative thing you can do for your body is actually a common problem that leaves the body in pain.  Many people sleep with the wrong mattress and/or pillow that is either too firm or too soft, which can make a person get sore in their neck muscles.  Another problem with sleep is the position we each sleep in.  For instance, if you are a stomach sleeper your neck is twisted one way or another for (hopefully) at least six or seven hours if not longer. This can cause major “cricks” or extreme muscle tightness in your neck.

In order to get the pain to go away, there are a number of measures to be taken.  Obviously the most successful methods would be to stop the original cause of pain by taking care of your overall daily routines.  Considering that is a drastic thing to do for most people, there are other resources that can help solve the problem once it occurs.  Stretching is a really good way to relieve tension in the neck, but it can also be problematic if you over stretch or stretch incorrectly, which could cause nerve damage.

Massage is one of the best ways to relieve neck pain.  Massage can bring great relief because a massage therapist can gently work out the kinks in the muscles and take care to avoid causing damage to the muscles around the spine at the same time.  A massage therapist is trained and knows the different vertebrae and all the small muscle groups in the neck.  They would know how to avoid hurting you even more, which is what often happens if you stretch or try to massage it yourself. Another form of massage called Acupressure can also bring relief to someone with chronic neck pain.

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Top 5 Reasons to get Bulging Disc Treatment through Massage

Bulging discs in the spine can become very difficult to live with over time.  A bulging disc occurs gradually when one disc, usually in the lumbar or occasionally in the neck, moves out of its radius within the spine.  This can cause pain because often nerves are pinched from the pressure of the spine against itself as the person moves throughout the day. The disc acts as a cushion, providing shock resistance for the spine as a person walks, sits, bends, works and exercises on a daily basis. If a disc begins to bulge, then there is a gap between the vertebrae, which, when compressed, can cause major pain because of the pressure put on the hundreds of nerves throughout the spine.  A bulging disc is different than a herniated disc because a a bulge happens over time, where as a hernia in the spine occurs from immediate trauma.  Treatment for a herniated disc can be different from the treatment for a bulging disc so it is important to not self- diagnose the pain.  For spinal problems it is best to contact a neurologist and get an MRI done so that you do not receive improper treatment for a back injury.

Here are the top reasons to relieve bulging disc pain through massage therapy:

1. Massage therapists are trained to handle specific problems in the body.  They often aid chronic pain due to back problems including bulging discs, alignment issues, and poor posture from continuous handy work.  They know how far to push each individual person, but more importantly, they know when to stop before a person gets injured even more.

2.  Aromatherapy massage has been known to treat people with bulging discs because of the soothing and relaxing properties that scent brings to each individual.  Aromatherapy can completely relax a person, which will allow a massage therapist to work with and help aid the muscles around a bulging disc that are extremely tight and knotted.

3.  Massage therapy allows the client to give the massage therapist the control.  Often when people have chronic back pain due to a bulging disc, they often try to massage it themselves, which could potentially hurt them even worse than when they started having pain. Also, they are less likely to hurt other muscle groups because they will not have to contort their bodies to reach around to massage their own back.

4.  Another reason massage therapy is beneficial for a bulging disc is that it can become a consistent treatment.  If a person finds relief from receiving a massage then they are most likely going to make a habit of getting massages in order to keep the pain away.

5.  The best reason to treat a bulging disc through massage is that it is 100 % drug free. A person with a bulging disc often resorts to pain medication, but with massage, there is no pain medication involvement.  Massage treats the initial problem of the injury rather than medicating the result.

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Massage Therapy Jobs

Massage therapy offers a wide range of job opportunities depending on where you are and what the status of your certification allows you to do.  Before you pursue a career in massage therapy, it is important to do research on what type of schooling you need and what kind of certification or license you must have in order to legally make money as a massage therapist. This is difficult to decipher, because every state has different regulations and even cities might have different fees they charge before you can practice privately.  It becomes even more difficult when you have to choose a school or program for massage therapy, because many schools offer different programs that are comprised of various hours that are necessary to complete.  In order to be able to practice massage, you must complete a specific number of educational hours which varies depending on which state you want to practice in.

So once you decide what your state’s regulations are you must choose a school.  You obviously need to find a school that offers a program with hours that meet or exceed your state’s regulations.  Also, you need to find a school that best fits the direction of massage therapy that you want to work in.  For instance, there are many schools that focus on specific types of massage including Swedish massage, Acupressure or Acupuncture, and Deep Tissue Therapy.

Another important factor would be the price of the school.  Many massage therapy schools are private schools dedicated to the art of massage, so they can be pretty expensive.  However, it is possible to get student loans for these schools.  There might be other options, depending on where you live.  For instance, there are some community colleges that offer massage therapy programs and some even offer multiple programs that give you options for your career depending on how many hours you complete.

Once you complete your hours, you need to take an exam provided by the state that proves, if you pass, that you are licensed or certified in massage therapy in your state.  If you choose to move, you have to take the test again to be certified in the new state in order to continue legal practice.

Massage therapy is a great field to jump into if you are interested in bringing relaxation, relief, and balance to people on a regular basis.  Starting your career may be difficult with the school work, but once you complete what you need to, you will be well on your way towards building a career as a massage therapist.

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Do You Envy an Envy Massage?

Massage Envy is one of the fastest growing corporations for massage therapy.  There are almost 700 locations spanning 43 of the United States.  It is the largest franchise of massage therapy spas with a powerful goal to bring wellness and balance to individuals of every description.  This spa is different than others because it not only charges less than many private spas but it sets up clients with options that best suit their schedules and budgets.  There are special rates for first time visitors that are subject to change (often for the better). They also offer memberships to individuals who see themselves returning on a regular basis.  These memberships include a plethora of benefits including discounts on family members and even guest passes. 

Massage Envy prides itself on bringing peace to the minds and bodies of their clients by offering different types of massage depending on the physical status of each individual.  For instance, they offer prenatal massages for pregnant women as well as postnatal massages for those who have recently delivered.  These massages are quite different than, say, a deep tissue massage which could actually harm a pre or post natal woman.  They offer the classic standard Swedish Massage that is usually the most used style because most first time recipients do not have a preference on what type of massage they want. They also offer Hot Stone massage which involves using heated stones to warm and relax muscles of the back hands and feet as the therapst massages. There are many types of therapies used at Massage Envy.

Each Massage Envy is comprised of a fully comitted staff whose main goal is to ease each customer and to promote wellness on a regular basis rather than a once a year treat.  There are quite a few massage therapists that bring different qualities to their massages, so it might be wise to try a few different therapists if you plan on returning.  In fact, if you have a bad experience it would be beneficial to give another chance to a different therapist. 

Massage Envy is the perfect balance for the millions of individuals who want to take action in promoting their health but have little time to focus on spending hours dedicated towards wellness.  It is not realistic to go to a private spa once a month because not many people have the time or money to spend.  However, it is important to spend some on your wellness because the outcome is definitely priceless.  Massage envy offers the busy individual a pocket of relaxation on a regular basis without breaking any wallets.

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The Envy Massage from Massage Envy

Massage Envy is a corporate haven for receiving the benefits of touch through massage.  There are many Massage Envy’s located across the United States and all follow a basic practice of offering different styles of massage therapy at a comparably decent price.  Each Massage Envy is comprised of multiple massage therapists (both men and women) who strive to give more than adequate massages by using different techniques including Hot Stone therapy, Swedish massage, prenatal, deep tissue, cranial sacral, reflexology, and more.

Massage Envy strives to make massage a common and repetitive habit for clients rather than a once in a while treat.  Consistent massage brings not only mental and emotional relief to the receiver but also medicinal benefits.  It is not only great for relieving stress and muscle tension, but regular massage therapy supports your well being over a long period of time by preventing chronic muscle pain, anxiety, and even head aches.  

Another reason Massage Envy is a worth while investment for clients is that it is not only less expensive to sign up for a membership than it is to go to a private spa, but you see the same massage therapist on a regular basis.  The membership is an incentive to maintain regular clients, but more importantly to insure that their clients are receiving regular treatment.  The customers develop trusting relationships with their therapists over time and the deal becomes too good to pass up renewal.  Also, you can try different massage therapists in order to find the right match for your body as well as piece of mind.  

Massage Envy is also a wonderful work environment for massage therapists- especially new ones.  It is extremely to build a clientele as a massage therapists so the quickest options are working for a chiropractor and then branching off on their own or to work at a Massage Envy and build a clientele.  Granted, the therapists at Massage Envy are not making as much as if they started out on their own business or working for a private business, but it is a great place to build a clientele quickly and there is more job security through Massage Envy.  

Some might argue that Massage Envy is not the best place to get consistent massages because the experience is not as lush as a spa would be.  For the price, however, it is wise to give it a try because you can often find the perfect therapist and thoroughly enjoy your experience.

It is easy to find and utilize a Massage Envy. They are located in several cities from coast to coast offering relief and relaxation to anyone who is willing to take the time and indulge in an envy massage.

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Is Spinal Decompression Right for You?

Are you one of the millions who continuously suffer back pain? Perhaps it is time to find a solution that will really free you from all types of back pain. But the number one concern of the people is the cost as well as the effectiveness of the treatment. Well the good news is you do not have to resort to surgery.

When you talk of surgery, it usually comes along with big risk in your part since it does not really give you a 100% guarantee that you get healed after and be free of pain. In fact there might be instances where the pain will be even worst than before the surgery that is why most people always turn to other options. And the best alternative to spinal surgery that is non-invasive, totally painless and so far has no side effects at all is the spinal decompression therapy. This is accomplished through a the use of spinal decompression machines.

This process has been present for quite sometime already and it is only now that it is gaining popularity simply because it is less expensive and certainly works well in treating conditions of back pain. The spinal decompression machines are certainly safe to use and has been cleared by FDA to treat most conditions of back pain.

The therapy can be done in just 20 minutes or to a full hour session and you will clearly see positive results after a few sessions. You do not even have to miss work just for the treatment. You can do this during lunch break. You can expect to feel stronger and invigorating when you walk out after every session.

This procedure does not have any side effects which make it more attractive to patients however thus procedure is not recommended for those elderly who suffers symptoms of osteoporosis. Always consult your doctor if this kind of therapy will best work for you.

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Lava Shell Massage

Lava shell massage is similar to that of a hot stone massage but the therapist uses real shells, which usually come from the Philippines, to gently massage your body. The heat comes from the inside of the lava shell with a mixture of a minerals and algae combined with salt water and essential oils. It creates a chemical reaction that causes heat for about one or two hours when they are combined inside the shell.

While Lava shell massage is similar to hot stone massage, there are also noted differences. The first and the most obvious difference is the material used for the application. While hot stone massage uses stones such as basaltic rocks, lava shell massage uses a tiger-striped clamshell. There are also some spas that offer lava shell massage instead of hot stone massage for the reason that the preparation and clean up is much easier.

Another is that the lava shells are smaller than the stones used for hot stone massage, so it is not hard to master and they can get into areas where stones usually can’t. With the use of the edges of the shell, you can also massage your face, feet and hands with them. The things that you need to know about the lava shell massage is that the heat element that the shells contain is not the same as those of the stones used in hot stone massage. The lava shells cool the more they are used.

The shells that are used for Lava shell massage is that of Tiger-striped clam. The tiger-striped clam is a traditional part of Philippine diet; the shells are normally thrown away, but now they are recycled for lava shell massage use. There are different spas that offer natural massage treatments that use stones, shells and crystals.

If you want to relieve yourself from stress, want to relax your body and mind, you can choose from one of these any types of massages.

For more information about this topic, please read about spa pumps and tanning bed bulbs.

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Acupressure and Acupuncture Therapy

There are many types of massage therapy techniques that are practiced all over the world. Various regions use different methods in order to relieve stress and tension, but some methods also strive to tap into the spiritual and mental energy of the human body that might cause problems within the physical aspects. Many Eastern massage techniques not only focus on relieving tension, but they also work toward discovering the initial root of the problem. Acupressure and Acupuncture are both Eastern methods that focus on specific points of the body that might be affected by mental or emotional hardships as well as physical strains.

What is Acupuncture?

Acupuncture is an ancient form of Traditional Chinese Medicine that focuses on healing and promoting health through focusing on points of the body that will strengthen energy and blood flow. Technically, it involves using needles to apply gentle pressure in a therapeutic way over specific points in the body. These points are called Meridians, and there are twelve main ones and eight extra ones that are found throughout the body. The Chinese believed that at any of the meridians the blood flow or energy can become stagnant, which would account for soreness or other types of illness. By manipulating needles into these points, the muscles will loosen, which allows the blood to circulate and the energy to flow.

Acupuncture also involves a series of questions and answers between the therapist and patient in order to properly diagnose the issue. Traditional Chinese Medicine practices believe that there are often emotional and mental connections to the different meridians in the body, and when a person experiences some sort of trauma, no matter how little or great, it can have an obvious affect to their physical system. By sorting out the root of the problem, it then becomes possible to treat the body with acupuncture.

Due to the fact that a large basis of acupuncture revolves around “energy” points in the body, it is a controversial method of therapy in our modern, western world. This is because it is not possible with our modern technology to detect the meridians and how they are linked to blood flow and emotions. Even though the affects of Acupuncture are proven to relieve tension, it is difficult to prove that it can treat neurological illnesses.

What is Acupressure?

Acupressure is an ancient technique that has been used for over five thousand years and is a healing art that brings balance to your body physically, mentally, and emotionally. It is supposed to help equilibrize the energy in and around the body as well as promote healthy circulation. Acupressure is derived from Acupuncture, and both are forms of Traditional Chinese Medicine techniques. Traditional Chinese Medicines predate modern scientific methods of healing that commonly involve medications and technology to diagnose problems. Acupressure uses fingers, palms of the hand, and elbows to apply pressure to specific points on the body. This is different from Acupuncture, which uses thin, small needles in the pressure points. Acupressure is meant to be repetitive so the body can recover and learn to heal itself with time. This is an Eastern school of thought that giving specific points in the body attention will not only cure a current problem, but prevent future problems and even support overall health.

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Improve Your Health by Spending Time on a Massage Table

From the moment we open our eyes in the morning until we drift off to the sounds of Letterman or Leno, we are all constantly bombarded by negativity, whether it’s in the form of entertainment or news. If it’s not some new threat to our already beleaguered economy, it’s something awful that has happened in Iraq or Afghanistan or out in the Gulf. It never stops.

Add all of this to the insane schedules most people try to maintain these days and the ever-increasing demands of work and family and is there any wonder that our stress levels are off the chart? Even worse, all of those stressors are being internalized and stored in our muscles and connective tissue.

Most of us are familiar with how uncomfortable those tight and knotted muscles can feel. What you may not know, however, is that stress creates harmful toxins that end up being trapped and stored in the layers of muscle and tissue. Medical professionals all now agree that left unchecked, stress can lead to heart disease, stroke and even death.

So, what can we do? Getting away from it all for a sufficient amount of time to de-stress is rarely an option. Short of that, one of the best ways to cope with stress is to book time on a massage table. In the past, most people thought of massage as a treat, something that would make you feel good. That thinking has undergone a radical change. Today, it is recognized that massage therapists are trained in specific techniques that will relieve and release the stress that has accumulated in muscles and tissue. No longer considered a luxury, in many cases massage is now a necessity.

Since one of our most significant stressors is financial concerns, it is very important to make sure that our money is spent wisely. Always try to get a referral from someone you know before making an appointment with a massage therapist. Also, try to first tour the center. How well-maintained the facility and equipment are will tell you a lot. Pay particular attention to the massage therapy table. Older models, while still functional, simply do not provide the level of comfort as the newer innovations.

Finding the time and funds for massage may not seem like it should be at the top of your priority list. If you have the opportunity to speak with someone who ignored the warning signs of stress, you may change your mind, which may make more difference than you can imagine.

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Deep Tissue Massage Therapy

Deep tissue massage is a very specific type of massage therapy used for a chronic pain or muscle injury. Deep tissue therapy is not used for the average person who enjoys getting massages or has an odd kink in their neck. This type of massage works the deep muscle tissue that could be damaged from a specific event or accident. Often Deep tissue is paired next to chiropractic aid because the pain you might be experiencing might not be due to a muscle injury, but rather a spinal injury. Also the Massage therapist is usually a trained medical professional with the doctorate qualifications to work with serious injuries that a typical massage therapist would not be qualified to aid.

A deep tissue massage does not focus on the entire body, but more of the area that is in pain. The massage therapist will try to find the root of the problem and work on or around the area by deep rubbing, kneading, or applying pressure for an amount of time. The patient might feel even more sore or feel greater pain afterward because the therapist really focuses on how to work out the muscle issues that have developed since the incident of injury.

If your muscles are reacting to an injury, they are usually extremely tight and tender, and once they are worked on in a deep tissue massage they become inflamed which leads to more pain. This is because the muscles in the human body are quick to react to traumatic events, so once they have gone through some sort of trauma, they become very sensitive, and then become even more sensitive if they have to process recuperation. It is very important to drink lots of water before and after the massage and sometimes it is necessary that you ice the injury to relieve the inflation.

There is also a type of deep tissue massage for the feet, which have lots of tiny muscles and nerves that effect the entire body. In other types of massage, mostly eastern methods such as acupuncture, you will discover that there is huge focus on the connection between body parts such as the feet and hands which have direct affect on the rest of the body. The feet are constantly used throughout the day and can hinder the body but through deep tissue massage that focuses on the feet, you can find relief.

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