Massage Therapy Jobs

Massage therapy offers a wide range of job opportunities depending on where you are and what the status of your certification allows you to do.  Before you pursue a career in massage therapy, it is important to do research on what type of schooling you need and what kind of certification or license you must have in order to legally make money as a massage therapist. This is difficult to decipher, because every state has different regulations and even cities might have different fees they charge before you can practice privately.  It becomes even more difficult when you have to choose a school or program for massage therapy, because many schools offer different programs that are comprised of various hours that are necessary to complete.  In order to be able to practice massage, you must complete a specific number of educational hours which varies depending on which state you want to practice in.

So once you decide what your state’s regulations are you must choose a school.  You obviously need to find a school that offers a program with hours that meet or exceed your state’s regulations.  Also, you need to find a school that best fits the direction of massage therapy that you want to work in.  For instance, there are many schools that focus on specific types of massage including Swedish massage, Acupressure or Acupuncture, and Deep Tissue Therapy.

Another important factor would be the price of the school.  Many massage therapy schools are private schools dedicated to the art of massage, so they can be pretty expensive.  However, it is possible to get student loans for these schools.  There might be other options, depending on where you live.  For instance, there are some community colleges that offer massage therapy programs and some even offer multiple programs that give you options for your career depending on how many hours you complete.

Once you complete your hours, you need to take an exam provided by the state that proves, if you pass, that you are licensed or certified in massage therapy in your state.  If you choose to move, you have to take the test again to be certified in the new state in order to continue legal practice.

Massage therapy is a great field to jump into if you are interested in bringing relaxation, relief, and balance to people on a regular basis.  Starting your career may be difficult with the school work, but once you complete what you need to, you will be well on your way towards building a career as a massage therapist.

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